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 Rules of The Fall

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Louis Kaiser

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PostSubject: Rules of The Fall   Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:02 am

Gonna try not to throw a ton of rules everyone's way. Just some basic stuff.

In Character
-Please keep in mind the circumstances under which this fed is operating. There are no cameras or anything of that sort, so your RPs are going to have to be a bit different. If you want to cut a promo at an opponent, you're going to have to get creative. I know this might be challenging, but that'll be part of the fun. Also keep in mind that I won't simply be looking for who cut a better promo when I determine winners: a good character development piece will serve you just as well in my eyes.

-Cussing is fine by me, but don't overdo it to the point where it takes away from the quality of your RP. Also, please try to stay away from any racist, homophobic, etc language. I realize this will be your character speaking, but if your character is a racist, I'd rather you came up with another character, honestly. It makes things more comfortable for everyone.

-You'll notice on the application that there is no spot for "face" or "heel". I feel, given the backdrop of this fed, that would be silly. I'll let things develop organically and if your character is an asshole, they'll naturally fall in as a heel. If they're the nicest person ever, they'll be a face. I hope this will help you just write your character as it comes to you, and not make you feel like "Well, I'm a heel so I'd better make sure to highlight that." Just tell your story, don't worry about it having a "wrestling" feel. This is as much about a cool, fun story as it is about wrestling.

-Same thing in regards to language, but I will not be lenient at all in OOC chat. If you say anything that can be considered offensive, I'll kick you out of the fed. I'm not trying to be a hard ass, but I'm not gonna risk anyone feeling that they're not welcome here. Respect everyone. Banter is fine, but don't cross the line.

-Only 1 RP will be required per card. If you do more, that's great, but if you post 3 so-so RPs to your opponent's amazing 1, you're not going to win. If you have any questions about judging, please feel free to PM me, but do not post it in the forum.

-If you're going to be away for awhile and can't RP, just let me know. I'm an understanding guy, we'll figure something out.

-Remember that we're all here to have fun. If you find yourself getting angry about results or something, take a step back and remember this is all for fun.

-If you have an idea for an angle or anything with your character, shoot me a PM. If you another member(s) have an idea for an angle you'd like to do, same thing. Not everything has to be RP based if there's something you'd like to see happen and everyone is in agreement.

-Cards will be bi-weekly (Probably every other Saturday or Sunday, that's TBA at this point though). Super cards every two months or so.

-Cards will be posted within 48 hours of results going up, giving everyone ample time to RP.

-RPs will be due 24 hours before the day of the show.
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Rules of The Fall
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