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 History of The Fall: The Beginning

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Louis Kaiser

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PostSubject: History of The Fall: The Beginning   Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:40 am

In 2020, a plague swept the globe, leaving billions dead. Those of us who remain seem to be immune, why else would we still be alive 5 years later? How many of us are there? Who knows. The world is now separated into small communities of varying size. I live in the area known as Elysian Fields in what was formally Northern California.

Our leader, Louis Kaiser, set up the Elysian Fields community not long after the plague hit; when things started going to shit. Law ceased to exist in those times, and chaos was the name of the game. The whole world was (and most of it still is) without clean water, electricity, reliable food sources--the list goes on. The 2,000 or so residents of Elysian Fields are more than likely the most comfortable people in the world right now: we have a sizable reserve of drinking water, natural gas to heat our homes, and farms that provide us with fresh food in addition to the stockpile of canned goods within the community's limits. Louis Kaiser was a very wealthy, well-connected man in the old days and was able to attain huge quantities of all these goods and resources, making him the most powerful man in this new world. He opened Elysian Fields to anyone willing to pull their own weigh within the community; we are a well-oiled machine because of this.

Elysian Fields is the destination for everyone in this region, but only the strongest, most trust worthy are allowed in. We have no room for the sickly, the lazy, or the dishonest. Our community is as close as one will find to a pre-plague town, all thanks to the vision and caring of Louis Kaiser, who oversees the whole operation with the closest of scrutiny.

We are, obviously, still without things like television, internet, and radio. This can often lead to boredom or restlessness during down times. Mr. Kaiser, however, has come up with a solution for all of this. In the pre-plague days, Mr. Kaiser was a huge professional wrestling fan. It was his biggest passion. With this in mind, Elysian Fields will be launching a wrestling promotion for the entertainment of Mr. Kaiser, and the community as a whole. Open tryouts will begin soon and those who choose to wrestle will find themselves very much in the favor of Mr. Kaiser.

I've been appointed by Mr. Kaiser to document the history of this endeavor from the very beginning. How I will go about doing this remains to be seen, but I can promise that I will commit myself to this project 100%. A new chapter in the history of Elysian Fields is about to begin, and we will again prove why we are the shining example of what a community should be in these tough times.

--Danny Evans
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History of The Fall: The Beginning
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